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eKomi Enhances AI Capabilities and Dutch Market Presence with Strategic Acquisition of Serverion BV


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eKomi Enhances AI Capabilities and Dutch Market Presence with Strategic Acquisition of Serverion BV

BERLIN, BERLIN, GERMANY, July 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ -- eKomi Holding GmbH,...

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BERLIN, BERLIN, GERMANY, July 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — eKomi Holding GmbH, a leader in customer experience solutions, today announced the acquisition of Serverion BV, a prominent Dutch web hosting company. This strategic move significantly enhances eKomi’s AI and machine learning capabilities while strengthening its presence in the Dutch market, where its Klantenvertellen brand already holds a strong position. The acquisition was led on one side by Managing Director Gunther Schmidt and Michael Ambros, on the other side by the CEO Desmond van Der Winden of Serverion BV, the M&A financial advisor has been “Steven” Stefano Endrizzi of MergersCorp M&A International, American Investment Banking Firm focused on Cross Border Mergers and acquisitions.

The acquisition of Serverion BV is a key component of eKomi’s investment in artificial intelligence. By bringing critical network infrastructure in-house, eKomi is poised to offer its customers enhanced private cloud solutions with advanced compliance benefits. This integration will enable eKomi to develop and deploy AI-enabled feedback analytics and customer experience tools with greater efficiency and security.

Michael Ambros, Managing Director of eKomi Holding GmbH, emphasized the strategic importance of the acquisition: “As we invest in AI capabilities, owning our network infrastructure becomes crucial. This acquisition allows us to build a more robust, secure, and flexible foundation for our customer experience solutions, offering our clients improved insights and tools to optimize their customer interactions.”

The integration of Serverion BV into eKomi’s ecosystem brings several key advantages:

Enhanced AI and Machine Learning Capabilities: Proprietary infrastructure will accelerate the development and deployment of advanced AI-driven analytics and customer experience tools.
Improved Data Security and Compliance: Private cloud solutions will offer clients greater control over their data, meeting stringent compliance requirements.
Strengthened Dutch Market Presence: The addition of 3000 B2B customer relationships significantly boosts eKomi’s footprint in one of its most profitable markets, complementing the strong presence of its Klantenvertellen brand.
Gunther Schmidt, Managing Director of eKomi Holding GmbH, highlighted the financial and operational benefits: “Beyond the strategic AI advantages, this acquisition brings immediate profitability to our group. The cost savings and operational synergies we expect to realize are substantial, further solidifying our market position and financial performance.”

Desmond van Der Winden, CEO of Serverion BV, added: “I am excited to join eKomi & will support the further development as part of the management team.”

This acquisition marks a significant step in eKomi’s strategy to create a comprehensive, technology-driven customer experience platform. By integrating critical infrastructure with its existing suite of solutions, eKomi is well-positioned to advance its capabilities in customer experience management.

For more information about eKomi’s customer experience solutions and expanding capabilities, please visit www.ekomi-group.com.


Gunther Schmidt & Michael Ambros
Managing Director, eKomi Holding GmbH
Zimmerstrasse 11
10969 Berlin

Desmond van Der Winden
CEO, Serverion BV
Krammer 8
3232 HE Brielle

About eKomi Group:
eKomi Holding GmbH is a leading provider of customer experience solutions. Through strategic investments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, coupled with a comprehensive suite of feedback and engagement tools, eKomi empowers businesses to deliver exceptional, data-driven customer experiences. The group’s commitment to innovation and strategic growth positions it as a key player in the evolving landscape of customer experience management.

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